Lama Lobsang Darjy is a master astrologer and monk with a background in the Nyingma, Kagyudpa and Gelugpa traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. For many years, he has been resident at Rajha monastery in Amdo, where he completed Buddhist studies including Budhist philosophy, tantra and Kalachakra tantra. During this time, he was Chant master for seven years, ritual master for three years, as well as studying Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. He studied medicine at the Qinghai Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital. In addition, Lama Lobsang is a writer and poet: his book, ‘One Voice’ tells of his experience as a Tibetan in a rapidly changing modern world. He is a member of the Tibetan Writers’ Association, under whose auspices he attended the Italian PEN Freedom of Expression Conference in Venice, in May 2005. He is a fountain of wisdom on Astrology in Tibetan Medicine.Unfortunately he passed away with a complication of an aneurism on the 27 september 2010. It is a great loss for all of us. I thank him deeply for All is Teaching.