Tibetan astrology is a sacred art, a compassion tool that permits to act in order to avoid undesirable circumstances to take place, and relieve suffering. Precious ancillary for buddhist ritual practice and tibetan medicine, it helps for example to know the best moment to give remedies to patients, or to make remedies. Urine diagnosis and pulse reading are also linked to seasonal elements astrology. As a conclusion, astrology helps to diagnose, find the origin of a disorder and choose the right treatment. It gives information about the periods of accumulation or manifestation, and is also a prevention tool.

Tibetan astrology is called Tsi rik "Calculation science". It is not only a divination or predictive art but also the study of rythm and cycles of time. The origins of tibetan astrology are various, but main sources of this science are: Bön spiritual tradition, chinese astrology and indian astrology with Kalachakra tantra.

The aim of Sorigastro.com website is to facilitate the use of tibetan astrology in the practice of healing, proposing an "on-line" almanac on the one hand, and on the other hand to propose an astrological calculation service to help focusing on health obstacles and to indicate the right practices to ward off bad influences when possible or necessary.