Mewa means "mole" or birth mark and the nine mewa stem from a system of numerology used for centuries by the Chinese. It indicates a karmic relation from life to life. There are 9 mewas, and they are often arranged in a so-called magic square that gives totals of 15, whichever way they are totaled up.

Each of the nine Mewas is associated with a color related to one of the five elements. The system of nine Mewas is dynamic: each year, each month, and each day, the Mewas move. The nine magic Mewa square numbers represent the nine categories of astrological spirits. Each number has an interpretation that includes karmic relations from past life to future lives. The Magic Square of Mewa is also known in this tradition as "The Magic Square of Saturn."

Hese numbers cycle through the years, months and days and are the keys to the following factors for a person: Past and future lives - Experience in the bardo- Some personal characteristics.-Relationships with various earth spirits - Health and Life force. Obstacles and also is used in determining favourable and unfavourable directions.

It is said that this magic square was engraved on the lower shell (the outside bottom) of cosmic tortoise, from which (in legend) all Tibetan astrology springs. It has, aside from the numbers themselves, a distinct orientation is space, not to mention colors, elements and so on:

Mewa: 4 Green
Color: Green
Element: Wood
Direction: S.E.
Spirit : Lou

Mewa: 9 Red
Color: Red
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Spirit: Mamos
Mewa: 2 Black
Color: Black
Element: Water
Direction: S.W.
Spirit : Dü
Mewa: 3 Blue
Color: Blue
Element: Water
Direction: East
Spirit: Senmo
Mewa: 5 Yellow
Color: Yellow
Element: Earth
Direction: Center
Spirit: Sadak
Mewa: 7 Red
Color: Red
Element: Fire
Direction: West
Spirit: Tsen

Mewa: 8 White
Color: White
Element: Metal
Direction: N.E.
Spirit: Lha

Mewa: 1 White
Color: White
Element: Iron
Direction: North
Spirit : Lha
Mewa: 6 White
Color: White
Element: Iron
Direction: N.W.
Spirit: Gyalpo