people born in the ox year are loyal and diligent. They are honest, ambitious, intelligent and sharp minded. They are capable leaders and often receive encouragement and complements from others. They are introverted calm, obedient and outwrdly gentle, though have a lot of pride. Diplomacy and using preliminary steps are always in their mind while any major task. They are hard working, responsible and never leave their work incomplete. They are patient, easy going, confident but often narrow minded and subborn. Talks little, feel shyness; love to colpete their work on time. Affectionate by nature, delay in marriage, tolerant, excellent leader and demand as much from themselves as of other. They are strong, solid and enjoy good health. They are honest, stable and do not change their mind easily. Slow but good steady worke. The ox is also strong-headed and prefers to act alone. Thes are sincere, reliable, reserved and trustworthy. Most of the them are intellectual and constantly in love. They may become furious and violent when severely angered. They are not afraid of hardship, do not give up easily and are steadfast in their thinking. Besides being conservative, they are also one who abides by rules. They do not make romantic wives and husbands. These people are well disciplined and expert in controlling others. They are independent and prefer to stand in their own two feet. They enjoy eating and sleeping.

Suitable Occupations : Surgery, Medical profession, Chief army, Beautician
Favorable partner : Snake, Bird
Unfavorable partner : Sheep, Dog, Dragon, Pig and Rabbit

(TIBETAN ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY, Tsering Dolma Drungtso, Ed. Drungtso Publications)