Those born in the Bird year are fond of dance and song. They possess cleanliness and like to wear new clothes.They have strong sexual inclinations and have lots of friends. They can judge others but others find difficulty in judging them. These people are powerful speakers. They are kindhearted and friendly with others. They are rather decisive as well as straight forward by nature. They have strong sense of attachment and often compels them to have friends or acquaintances always around.They are ambitious and intelligent. They cherish cleanliness and love traveling. Deep thinking and short sighted, ambitious and brave, idealistic, sometimes dislike but never boring, well built and good looking, they hardly pass time without friends. Smile, fond of game, clubs and sports. They act after deep consideration, are jovial, generous, love liberty, independence and freedom.They love to dress up and like wine. Their loyalty, trust and affection are for their partner. They are arrogant, love gossiping, proud and very confident. They usually have good foresight and are perceptive. They often receive praise and compliments from others. They show enthusiasm in the things they do and will not tolerate sloppiness. Money comes and goes easily. They are generally happy and contented people. They are physically light and agile and have a tendency to befriend others.

Suitable Occupations : Tailor, Secretary, Performing arts, Owner of Restaurant, Army, Advertiser
Favorable partner : Ox, Snake
Unfavorable partner : Rabbit, Mouse, Horse, Sheep and Pig

(TIBETAN ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY, Tsering Dolma Drungtso, Ed. Drungtso Publications)