People born in the Dog year are a bit stingy and like to talk a lot. They tend be ambitious, nervous and aggressive. They will often be in two minds about things. They always do their best in their relationships with people. Yet they are selfish and stubborn.They will give wholehearted love and respect to those they love. They take intense care at work and are affectionate towards others. They are impulsive, kind hearted and honest. They are stable minded, hard working and kind-hearted. They love only the person whom they like the most.They are fond of learning, active minded and possess good mental abilities. These people are stubborn, honest, stable minded, hardworking, friendly, affectionate, clever, soft-spoken and impulsive. They are a bit cunning but loyal and faithful by nature. They are quick-thinkers, observant and agile. They have a great sense of humour. They are temperamental by nature and lose their temper easily which migt not last long.

Suitable Occupations : Nurse, Beautician, Business, Teacher, Doctor
Favorable partner : Tiger, Horse
Unfavorable partner : Dragon, Ox, Sheep, Mouse and Monkey

(TIBETAN ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY, Tsering Dolma Drungtso, Ed. Drungtso Publications)