People born in the year of horse are brave, hard working, well traveled and frank. By nature, they will always listen to others and love animals and sports. They speak loudly and have a nature of wolking fast. They are fond of games, have a changeable mind, get hurt easily, are kind towards others, are hard working, creative, tactful, friendly, they want to do by their own wishes, hardly listen other view, have many friends and friendly with them. They also make friends very easily with others but they never trust or believe in others. They are clever and have a well-built body. They love watching movie, writing letters, making phone calls to their friends. They are open minded, showy in dress, quick in everything, handy with money, cheerful and stubborn.They are very independent and full of enthusiasm un carrying out their duties. They are straightforward, generous with their money, love elaborate events and are good at socialising. They are easy to get along with and have many friends and acquaintances. They are courageous and not afraid of hardship, they usually do very well in their careers. They are lucky in money matters and hence can afford to live in luxury. They sacrifice their own goals in the interest of others.

Suitable Occupations : Scientist, Poetry writer, Politics
Favorable partner : Tiger, Dog
Unfavorable partner : Mouse, Rabbit, Bird, Dragon and Monkey.

(TIBETAN ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY, Tsering Dolma Drungtso, Ed. Drungtso Publications)