People born under this sign are-minded, clever by nature and like to go everywhere. They are kind hearted and like to help others. They love to busy themselves and are prone to gossip.They have a quick, witty tongue, love walking and traveling. They are a frank and friendly with everyone. They prefer to deal with things of their own choosing. They are intelligent and experts in dealing with others. They are flexible, talented, self-willed and creative people. They enjoy a certain level of popularity in public gatherings or the clubs the join. They are easy going, very adaptable, quick-witted and possess the ability to read situations very well. They are romantic at heart. They pursue fun and entertainment. They are impatient, restless, not easily contented and lack farsightedness. They usually care only about present gain.

Suitable Occupations : Mouse, Dragon
Favorable partner : Tiger, Pig, Snake, Dog and Horse
Unfavorable partner : Tiger, Pig, Snake, Dog and Horse

(TIBETAN ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY, Tsering Dolma Drungtso, Ed. Drungtso Publications)