A person born in this year is a smooth talker, even -tempered, gentle, sociable and respectful to others. They are intelligent but shy ny nature. They are compassionate, sharp minded and friendly with others but they are a bit cunning and can be lazy, egotistical and jealous. They are witty, intelligent and fun loving. Love and hearted and diplomatic having the patience and tactics to sort out problems more quickly zhan others. They are affectionate, compassionate, virtuous, placid, quietly, and talented by nature. Easy to befriend, good mannered, kind, polite, peaceful by nature, never speak harsh words and are experts in dealing with others. They love communicating with others and everybody praises their nature. They are usually cheerful, brilliant, intellectual, fond of society and diplomatic. They have warm and charming manners. Honest in love and have everlasting friends; sincere and expert in love affairs. They enjoy happy family life generally. They are sharp, observant and fond of lovely things such as fashion, perfumes, and music.

Suitable Occupations : Business, Accountant, Lawyer, Plitician, Dancer
Favorable partner : Sheep, Pig
Unfavorable partner : Bird, Horse, Mouse, Snake and Ox

(TIBETAN ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY, Tsering Dolma Drungtso, Ed. Drungtso Publications)