Those born in the sheep year are less talkative, slow and simple. They are passionate and creative. They are friendly and not self-absorbed. They are charming, pious and honest and usually speak less with others. They are patient, zealous and able to overcome any hardship to achieve their goals. They are tolerant and generous by nature and soft spoken. They are frank, independent, brave and can make quick decisions. They are truthful, quarrelsome and have independent views. They are aggressive but very romantic. Most of these people are ambitious, active, energetic and courageous. Best at the arts; their talents will always bring money. They are elegant, charitable, cool, soft and smooth by nature, well mannered, generous in giving alms to other, honest, affectionate, able to help others with their problems and compassionate. They love children and animals and are experts in household life. Everybody praises their behaviour, love in dealing with others and love to wear nice clothes and ornaments, slow in work, give interest to their body. They are refined, loyal and introverted. They also have extraordinary inner strength.They are diplomatic, attentive, considerate towards others and passionate in everything they do. They are pure hearted, extremely loyal and generous.

Suitable Occupations : Gardener, Artist, Government job.
Favorable partner : Rabbit, Pig
Unfavorable partner : Ox, Dog, Dragon, Bird and Snake

(TIBETAN ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY, Tsering Dolma Drungtso, Ed. Drungtso Publications)